🙄  your status meetings?
Connect with bite size video updates
and kill the long meetings.
Daily Catch-ups
Have fewer meetings. Bring distributed or remote product teams closer together.
Setup once
Create a story with a daily notification time.

Share often
Share what your working on each day.

Catch up often
Know your team by watching their daily updates.
Have everyone’s voice heard wherever they are. Hear from your team in video on a topic.
Reflect on completed work as a team to see where to improve.

Capture team updates during important events.

Have the whole team talking with social questions.

Catch in Slack
You live in Slack. Get notified in Slack when it’s time to send your updates and when your teammates have shared theirs.
Connect a channel
Point your Catch team to a Slack channel and your team is automatically set up.

Get reminded in Slack
Catch reminds your team in Slack when its time for updates.

See your team's updates
Catch updates are neatly organized into threads and automatically transcribed.
Catch and Trello
You track your work in Trello. Share your video updates back to your Trello cards with Catch.
Share video to cards
One or more of you Trello lists will automatically synchronize into Catch. Easily flip through current cards and record updates

Have asynchronous video stand-ups
Watch your team updates in the Catch mobile app or on the web and have better stand-ups!